Author: Lisa Graas
•3/26/2003 02:16:00 AM
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Tomorrow, everything will change. A bolt of lightning will come out
of the sky and annihilate all my problems and suddenly everything will
all be working fine and I can be happy then, right? HA! Not!!!

Today's readings reflect a great lesson that we must learn as
Christians. The road ain't easy. In fact, we are guaranteed that
life will be most difficult for those who love God the most.

There are many wolves out there in sheep's clothing who would have us
believe that with the coming of Jesus, everything CHANGED. Everything
suddenly went from black to white, they would have us believe. Jesus
assures us in today's Gospel reading that this is not the case. This
is why, for instance, our liturgy resembles the Jewish liturgy so
much. The one plan of God is growing into fruition even as I write.
The truth did not "change" with the coming of Christ. Truth cannot
change. What happened is that the truth was fulfilled, and is
continuing to be fulfilled, in Christ.

God lives in the eternal "now", so to speak. We, however, are limited
by time. Our lives are limited and we shouldn't waste our lives
waiting for that bolt of lightning to come out of the sky and change
things for us. We have to take the initiative and allow God's
strength to be made perfect in this weakness in our lives. I think
the readings of today speak particularly to me as a parent, as my
children will only be young for a short time. It is a short amount of
time that I have available to me in which I can teach them what it
means to be a Christian. Do I whine and complain and wait for that
bolt of lightning? or do I take the initiative and show them how to
properly deal with adversity? It has been proven that children will
mimic your behavior rather than listen to your commands.

The Lord says:

"However, take care and be earnestly on your guard
not to forget the things which your own eyes have seen,
nor let them slip from your memory as long as you live,
but teach them to your children and to your children's children."

Yes, we have a responsibility to take this moment and allow God to do
His work through us in this very moment. Let us meet God in this
moment. Let us thank Him for giving us the choice to love Him even
when life is hard. Let us allow ourselves to experience the
fulfillment of a love that abides in time of trial, and let our
children see this love and seek to know it for themselves.

God Bless You.

Love from Lisa
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