Author: Lisa Graas
•3/27/2003 11:46:00 PM
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Gee, I'm a bit late with today's readings. Please forgive. :-)

Today's response in the Responsorial Psalm is one of my favorites...

"If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts."

Is there something that you are battling with? Something that is
causing you particular worry? Read today's readings and see that all
good things come from and are fulfilled in God. When we place our
hope in Him alone, we cannot lose. In any battle that we face, if we
are not working for the glory of God, we are destined to lose.
Remember that God is all-just. Everything will be fine as long as we
keep our priorities straight. It is soooo tough sometimes to remember
that, but He is there waiting for you to catch you when you fall, if
you let Him. Weary not yourself with troubles that only serve to tear
away at your relationship with God. Listen for His voice and if you
really do listen, His voice will drown out all the others. Remember
His power and know that you have a share in that power.

God Bless You.

Love from Lisa
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