Author: Lisa Graas
•3/23/2003 11:25:00 PM
A Just War

I've seen the pictures of the dead soldiers on the website of al-Jazeera, and I have seen a grisly picture of a seven yr old child that was reportedly killed by American guns. I weep for his mother and for all the mothers of children in battle-torn countries around the world. America is also battle-torn. I am angered by all of this death. At first I was angered that we had gone to war. I was firmly against it, but when I saw Iraqi civilians cheering on our soldiers and helping to take down pictures of Saddam Hussein, that opposition melted away. I do believe that this is an operation to liberate the Iraqi people. This became clear to me when they expressed themselves this way with the arrival of our troops. This is also a war to liberate the world from the fear of biological warfare.

It is apparent to me that our country's former leaders are to blame for initially providing Saddam Hussein with the building blocks for biological weapons. That is old and virtually irrelevant news. The U.S. believes that Libya, North Korea, Syria, Iran and Sudan have chemical weapons and we are not waging war with those countries, nor do I believe we have plans to do so. The issue here is terrorism. More specifically, the issue is al-Qaeda.

This is a just war. It is clear that many thousands, if not millions, more lives will be saved due to this war than will be lost in the war, provided, of course, that we accomplish our objective. It is one thing to protest the execution of a convicted murderer in an American death chamber. It is quite another to protest self-defense against a murderer. This is a just war.

I have supported and will continue to support an autonomous state for the Palestinian people and I ache with hope for the day that it can be possible for Palestinian children to have the same opportunities that my own children have, but that is another topic.
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