Author: Lisa Graas
•10/11/2002 09:13:00 AM
RE: my Thursday night blog

My cousin writes:
Thanks for the morning smile - have a great day!

My brother writes:
What are you taking? The blue ones or green ones? GO TAKE YOUR MEDICINE!!!

FYI: I take neither blue pills nor green ones. I take Effexor (orange capsules), Wellbutrin (purple tablets), Lithium (pink capsules), Trileptal (yellow capsules), and Zyprexa (white tablets). Perhaps I should ask my doctor about these blue and green pills you speak of, bro. :-) Thanks for the reminder to take my medicine. NOTE TO READERS: My brother is responsible for making sure that I take my meds. Many people who have mental illness need loved ones to help remind them to take their medicine. It is important for loved ones to know how important our medication is for us to be able to get the best possible quality of life. Some of the medications used by mentally ill people are the type that people with drug addictions like to abuse. We do not take these medications for a "high". They do not make us "high". They affect us differently than they affect people who have no illness. I put it this way -- some people take chemicals in order to achieve INSOBRIETY and some people take chemicals in order to achieve SOBRIETY
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