Author: Lisa Graas
•10/03/2002 01:09:00 AM

My response to Mr. Popcak.

Mr. Popcak,

I appreciate your attempt to make me feel better however I believe you misunderstand. I was not offended. I was appalled by the damage that might be done due to this. I do believe you when you say you meant no disrespect, however you don't seem to grasp the potential impact of your comments. I am concerned about the impact that your post will have on other bipolars and upon people who do not understand the illness. Your post is abusive to people with bipolar disorder because it makes light of the illness and because it perpetuates myth. No one who does not understand bipolar disorder (and most do not) could possibly go away from your comments without believing that bipolar disorder is a matter of willpower and that the episodes of mania and depression are ALWAYS irrational states. As I have said, this is grossly unprofessional. I would invite you to read my editorial about this here:

There are people who understand what I am talking about and support me in my attempt to convince you to retract your post about "Catholic Bipolar Disorder". If you refuse to do so, I can only assume that you still do not understand how damaging this is and I will pray that some day you may come to know it, if it is in God's will.

God Bless You on your journey.

With Love in Christ,

Lisa Graas
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