Author: Lisa Graas
•10/03/2002 01:07:00 AM

Mr. Popcak's apology and explanation


I am glad you are taking this opportunity to educate people about Bipolar Disorder on your blog. As you note, it is no laughing matter.

I wrote the post, not to make fun of, or offend, anyone who suffers with mental illness, or to perpetuate a stigma. Obviously, having read my post from June, you must know that I was not addressing mental illness at all, I was writing analagously. I am sorry, however, that you took offence at the comments. Please be assured that I meant no disrespect.

Keep up the good work of educating the public about the serious nature of Bipolar Disorder. I hope that with continued treatment, and the grace of God, you will find relief and healing.

God Bless,

Gregory Popcak, MSW
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