Author: Lisa Graas
•10/14/2002 03:20:00 PM
Current results from The Palestine Chronicle reader polls.

Who is the Most Capable Individual to Lead the Palestinian People?
Dr. Hanan Ashrawi 35.56%

Will Israel go through with its plan to expel relatives of accused Palestinian fighters? Yes 64.68%

Should The Palestinian Resistance Retaliate Against The Israeli Massacre In Gaza? No 52.20% | Yes 42.16%

Following Annan’s report, is Israel off the hook regarding the Jenin Massacre? Yes 55.53% | No 41.47%

Is the US serious in its call for Israeli withdrawal? No 79.67% | Yes 15.33% | I Don't Know 5.01%

Is the International Community Doing Enough to Provide Relief to Palestinians? No 77.69%

Should the PA Stall Talks with Israel after 15 Palestinian Deaths in a Week? No 48.75% | Yes 44.85% | I Don't Know 6.41%

Do You Agree with Fatah’s Decision to Halt Its Operations Inside Israel? Yes 52.14% | No 43.41%

Does Sharon Intend to Kill Arafat? Yes 64.12% | No 35.88%

Does Arafat have the ability to control suicide bombings? No 68.39%

Should Sharon Be Tried for War Crimes? Yes 74.85%

Will the Jenin Massacre Change the World’s Perception of the Palestinian struggle? No 51.04% | Yes 42.65%

Will Israel Be Held Accountable for the Jenin Massacre? No 60.25% | Yes 36.07%

Will the UN Eventually Investigate the Massacre in Jenin? No 72.36%

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