Author: Lisa Graas
•9/30/2002 03:16:00 PM
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Thomas Tucker writes:

Lisa- your comments block is not working so I am responding to your post by
e-mail. I think you shouldn't be so thin-skinned. Popcak is clearly joking
in a satirical way. We could all be sensitive to any number of comments
every day of our lives but we shouldn't be. Lighten up and recognize that
there is no malicious intent.
And, if you can't step back and see that you ARE being overly sensitive,
then ask around for others' opinions. And don't post anything on your blog
that anyone else could in turn be sensitive about- you'll find that that's
well nigh impossible.


Thomas. I would agree with you if not for the number of people who read his commentary and if not for the particular profession that he is in. The margin of error is MUCH too high to be acceptable. Try searching "Catholic Bipolar Disorder" at Google or anywhere else. You know what comes up? Popcak's commentary. Go to websites made by bipolar people and what do you see? Twenty percent of bipolars commit suicide. A close friend of mine who is bipolar and the mother of a toddler shot herself in the head. We don't need this kind of garbage. I am being overly sensitive? Have you ever seen the movie "Misery"? It's a Stephen King movie. Do you think that James Caan's character was being "overly sensitive"? Is my analogy incorrect? If you think it is not then you obviously don't know anything about this illness.
~Love from Lisa~
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