Author: Lisa Graas
•8/18/2010 11:47:00 AM
Are you fearful? Follow this prescription.

Remember the words Pope John Paul II continually reminded us of during his papacy: "Be Not Afraid".

Sing this song, below, at least once a day, preferably to your children!

Most importantly, believe what the words say. Think of it as a promise, and trust in the promise, because the promise is true. I can testify to that personally, as can many others. There is rest in fearlessness.

Once a day. Try it!

Be Not Afraid, lyrics
(Bob Dufford, S.J., a Catholic Hymn)

You shall cross the barren desert
But you shall not die of thirst
You shall wander far in safety
Though you do not know the way.

You shall speak your words in foreign lands
And all will understand
You shall see the face of God and live.

Be not afraid
I go before you always
Come follow Me
And I shall give you rest.

If you pass through raging waters
In the sea, you shall not drown
If you walk amidst the burning flames
You shall not be harmed.

If you stand before the pow'r of hell
And death is at your side
Know that I am with you, through it all.

Be not afraid
I go before you always
Come follow Me
And I shall give you rest.

Blessed are your poor
For the Kingdom shall be theirs
Blest are you that weep and mourn
for one day you shall laugh.

And if wicked men insult and hate you
All because of Me
Blessed, blessed are you!

Be not afraid
I go before you always
Come follow Me
and I shall give you rest...
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On September 11, 2010 at 5:52 PM , Maria said...

I love that song - I especially love the idea that "you shall not die of thirst" but that doesn't mean you won't get pretty darn thirsty. You'll get lost but you'll be safe. You might feel like you're drowing, but you wont, and you might feel like you're burning to death, but you're not. And you'll stand before hell, but God with be with you.

The song always makes me cry when we sing it at church. So embarrassing! :-)

On June 28, 2011 at 7:09 PM , Anonymous said...