Author: Lisa Graas
•2/16/2003 02:16:00 PM
Below this post is a list of stories in the news relating to bipolar disorder. Note that only one of the stories I found addresses the issue of mental health. All of the other mentions of bipolar disorder that I found in the news are related to criminal activity. Is it any wonder that we who have the disorder are often treated as though we have the plague? I join the call of others with mental illness who are asking the media to stop the unbalanced reporting about bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses.
Love from Lisa
Author: Lisa Graas
•2/14/2003 07:35:00 PM

In study, mental health services for kids fall short

Woman judged to be insane in stabbing death of husband

100 bongs a day led to psychotic rampage

Funeral director admits spending clients' money on strippers

Remains of teen girl found after being missing for eight months

Ex-stockbroker gets 40 years in killing of ex-boss

YOU CANNOT MISS THIS ONE!!! Note that the story says that the man's son was "suspected of having bipolar disorder". Suspected? What am I, a criminal because I have bipolar disorder? Gimme a break!

LIVINGSTON -- A man who pleaded guilty to robbing $2,120 from the Bank of the Rockies was sentenced to 15 years with the Department of Public Health and Human Services.

Michael Silva, 24, entered a plea agreement in December after undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. Silva's father wrote a letter to District Judge Nels Swandal saying his son was suspected of having bipolar disorder and had been on medication and under counseling for about three years before moving west.

Swandal sentenced Silva to state mental health care, with at least the first five years in a secure facility.
Author: Lisa Graas
•2/14/2003 05:26:00 PM
Redemption cometh.
It used to be that when you would search the term "bipolar Catholic" on Google, the first entry would be Gregory Popcak's article poking fun at those with something he termed "Catholic Bipolar Disorder". NOW, when you search "bipolar Catholic" on Google........well, try it and you will see.
Love from Lisa