Author: Lisa Graas
•11/19/2002 02:16:00 PM
Hans von Sponeck is a German citizen who was the UN humanitarian aid coordinator for Iraq from 1998-2000 Follow his trail for some fascinating information about the situation in Iraq.
December 2000 Letter From Hans von Sponeck to minister Peter Hain
December 2-3 Speech of Hans von Sponeck
December 6, 2001 Iraq: The Hostage Nation, by Hans von Sponeck and Denis Halliday
December 23, 2001 Hans von Sponeck: The Inside Story of U.S. Sanctions on Iraq
January 10, 2002 Iraq: There are alternatives to a military option, by Hans von Sponeck
July 22, 2002 Go on, call Bush's bluff -- If Iraq lets the arms inspectors back in, America's case for war will be exposed as fiction
Another America, by Hans von Sponeck
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