Author: Lisa Graas
•10/31/2002 12:59:00 AM
by Lisa Graas

Graceful dawn speaks madness to my mind;

wraps gently 'round my heart in layers kind.

Whispers softly. Whispers, "I am here".

Underneath and round the layers fold.

Mind, inside, I hide. I'm lost. I'm cold.

Whisper softly, "Mind cannot be bold."

Heart so bold it cries, it cries to all.

Mind so cold, its bitter daggers fall.

Whisper softly. Whisper. Let me hear.

Heaven's sunlight, clear and white and plain.

Bitter daggers fallen still remain.

Leap, my heart. Cry and let me hear.

Whisper softly. Whisper. Heaven's near.
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