Author: Lisa Graas
•10/04/2002 11:06:00 AM
FoxNews reports in The Hard Knock Life of a Celebrity that the childhood years of today's celebrities were not so riddled with pitfalls, after all. Could the reason for this also be why childbirth is so terrifying? (See below) Generation X has been pampered on a level that makes our grandparents shake their heads in disgust, but each generation has had its own struggle for perfection. For our grandparents, this meant a struggle for peace in the world and a bountiful harvest from the fields. Noble endeavors, to be sure, but still falling short of where our hearts and minds should be directed. Generation X knows little, if anything, about rationing of food and other goods. All we know is plenty, and so our struggle for perfection is often manifested in our lust for power in the business world, pain-free lives (even in childbirth) or conformity with the homilies preached by the entertainment industry. We fall even shorter than our grandparents did, as a generation.

I am so blessed to know that the struggle for perfection is not rooted in a false hope. I am blessed to know that others in my generation can say the same. Many of us do know that the struggle for perfection is in seeking to do the will of God, conforming ourselves to the image of Christ in our world today. Many of us have learned the truths passed down to us by those of our parents and grandparents who also understood this. I have so far to go. So far, indeed, but I am so blessed to be among those few who know that the struggle for perfection is in one direction only, and that is toward union with Jesus Christ.
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