Author: Lisa Graas
•10/30/2002 11:05:00 PM

Good-Byes -- OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PINA) - In the past five days, I’ve said good-bye to friends in two extraordinarily different ways, but both have relevance to life in the Middle East in the current situation and both illustrate the tragedy that is taking place here – for all concerned. READ MORE

Arafat Initiates New Government by Denouncing Violence - Palestinian Killed in the West Bank -- RAMALLAH, West Bank (PINA) - The new Palestinian government held its first meeting Wednesday, one day after winning a Parliamentary approval in Ramallah. Meanwhile, a Palestinian was shot dead in the West Bank. READ MORE

Report: Palestinian Stillborns Up by 500% Due to Israel’s Human Rights Violation -- OCCUPIED JERUSALEM - The number of stillborn births in West Bank villages gripped by occupation, curfew and choking siege has risen by an unprecedented 500 percent, Physicians for Human Rights reported Monday. READ MORE
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