Author: Lisa Graas
•10/01/2002 01:20:00 PM
Here is some background on Mr. Popcak that I found >>>>>>here<<<<<<<<<:

Gregory K. Popcak is the clinical director of Professional Solutions, a private counseling practice that specializes in solutions to tough marriage, family, and personal problems. Through his telephone counseling services, he has been consulted by individuals and families from Hong Kong to North Pole, Alaska and almost everywhere in between. He received a BA in Psychology and a BA in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville and a Masters in Social Work (clinical specialization) from the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to his expertise in several models of marriage and family therapy, he also works extensively with individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other stress-related problems as well as those adults who are recovering from the trauma of childhood abuse.

This above is precisely why I am so upset about >>>>>>>>THIS<<<<<<<<<< It is GROSSLY unprofessional and demeaning. It is demeaning to people who actually have Bipolar Disorder. He should know this if he is what he claims to be. He should know exactly what I am talking about even if most people do not. He should know better, and that is my complaint. He used my illness, which I suffer with every moment of every day and which is a most difficult kind of suffering to align with Catholic spirituality because of the INSANITY of it -- he used it to poke fun at people. He "diagnosed" it, saying, "a new mental health issue is afflicting the Catholic faithful: I call it Catholic Bipolar Disorder."

Bipolar disorder has destroyed the life I once knew and here is a professional who is looked up to in MY FAITH COMMUNITY as the guru of all things psychological, apparently, and he makes light of my WIDELY MISUNDERSTOOD illness to poke fun at people. WHY HAS HE DONE THIS AND WHY DOES NO ONE CARE?
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