Author: Lisa Graas
•10/04/2002 09:10:00 AM
Council on American-Islamic Relations urges awareness about Pat Robertson
According to CAIR, Robertson's comments about Islam and about Muhammad make his charity "Operation Blessing" ineligible to receive a $500,000 grant from the first wave of Bush's "faith-based initiative" grants. I'm not sure they have a point on the issue of the grant, but they sure have reason to complain about his public comments about Islam. In effect, Robertson's words amount to a declaration of Christian "jihad" (read "Holy War") against Islam. Robertson's comments rival those of Pope Urban II as he called for the launch of the First Crusade against the Turks who, at the time, had already defeated the Byzantine army, had taken control of the Holy Land and were murdering Christians who attempted to make a pilgrimage there. (Quite a different picture than what we are seeing from mainstream Islam today.) Our Islamic neighbors are done a great disservice, to say the least, to be lumped in with terrorists. I disagree with Islam, but this does not give me license to perpetuate myths that will have the effect of arousing hate against ALL of those who claim it as their religion. Robertson would do well to follow the example of Paul who never attacked the religion as he ministered to those with deeply held convictions. Rather, he showed them what his religion had to offer. Christ calls to people through His Word. Christ does not attack. Christ invites.
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