Author: Lisa Graas
•9/30/2002 03:46:00 AM
Mr. Popcak, I do not appreciate it.

I can't believe I am seeing this. I can't believe I am reading this. How many times have I heard my fellow Catholics sing the praises of this man? What is this?? This man is a professional? This man is pastoral? This man is ..... who is this man, exactly? Mr. Gregory Popcak has seen fit to opine extensively on what he refers to as "Catholic Bipolar Disorder." Mr. Popcak, I speak to you as a Catholic with Bipolar Disorder. The official diagnosis is Severe Mixed Episode Bipolar I Disorder with Mood-Congruent Psychosis. It's not funny and it is not anything like what you portray it to be. Neither euphoria nor depression are properly characterized as exclusively "irrational" states. Do you know how many wives get crucified due to such thinking? Neither do I, but I know of at least one who does.

How do you feel, Mr. Popcak, about being one of a large group of people who perpetuate "little" things like this which result in ignorance about this disorder which, in turn, leads to spouse abuse in "not-so-exceptional" marriages? I'm sure this is not your intention at all. I am sure of this, however the characterization fits.

Another thing that has me upset about this is the implication that Bipolar Disorder is inconsistent with Catholicism and/or holiness. No further comments on this point. I just can't handle that one. It's too painful.

I feel as though I've been stabbed in the back.

~Love from Lisa~

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