Author: Lisa Graas
•9/29/2002 01:01:00 PM
Falwell and Amazon

Okay, this time I'm going to have to agree with Jerry Falwell (partially). In World Net Daily I found an article by Falwell condemning the sale by of a book that one reviewer says may reveal the "positive aspects of a healthy boy/male [sic] relationship." [Huh?] You're right, Jerry. The promotion of pedophilia as a healthy lifestyle choice is sick.

Now I'm wondering if there will be press coverage of this to rival that on pedophilia in the priesthood. If American Catholics (and the rest of the world) scarfed up Catholic teaching as greedily as they scarf up books at Amazon (LOL) and if the Catholic Church were a profit-driven business, what on EARTH might the press be saying if the Church began to promote pedophilia as a healthy lifestyle choice? I shudder to think of the possiblities! How comforting to know that the Church is protected from teaching error in matters of faith and morals despite Satan's attempts to destroy Her image and Her members. Amazon has no such protection as we can plainly see in the appearance of all manner of viewpoints in the Amazon inventory. The Church has always taught that lust is gravely evil.

Amazon would do well to adopt policies more in keeping with morality, but alas, this is America, right Jerry? The Founding Fathers chose to have a nation wherein the people would not be subjected to any monarchy, be it benevolent or malevolent. Has Amazon thrown out the baby with the bathwater? Nope. At least, not Constitutionally speaking. I hate to burst your bubble, Jerry, but Amazon's position on this, legally speaking, is sound, despite the lack of morality here.

What we (you, me, everybody -- sarc off) need is a theocracy, you see? You know something of the concept. We've heard you argue that we shouldn't take God out of our law. The only way to have peace is to allow God to rule over our country, right? You want God in our government. I hate to break this to you, but you are actually arguing here for America to become a Papal State, and hey!! I'm with you!! Let's do it! :-) Let's have everyone follow the SAME LAW! What a concept!

Alas, I am a realist and understand that most people will not accept the Kingdom of God, so I will have to be grateful that God has provided that I may become a citizen of His monarchy despite the distorted political shapes my American government morphs itself into. God is so good.
~Love from Lisa~

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