Author: Lisa Graas
•9/28/2002 07:06:00 PM

The bad news? According to a USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll in March, 2002 -- 75% of Catholics "favor allowing Catholic priests to marry and continue to function as priests". Twenty percent were opposed and five had no opinion.

The good news? The poll numbers are almost exactly the same as they were in 1993 when the same number of Catholics were asked the same question. Seventy five percent favored allowing priests to marry, 21% were opposed and 4% had no opinion.

So, at least the scandal has not changed American Catholics' views about celibacy, right? This is great news, right? Great news! But, wait a minute. Seventy five percent of Catholics favor allowing priests to marry??? Whoa. How disappointing. So, no one can be celibate? No one can go without sex? If I fall prey to a disease that renders me incapable of having sex then I should.....end it all? Come on, PEOPLE!! Let's get with the program!!

I've decided to take my own little poll to see how accurate this USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll really is. I would also like to hear what anyone has to say about it. Send me an email Lisa Graas if you dare, or if you care, but NOT if you swear.
Take the poll

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