Author: Lisa Graas
•6/03/2004 11:26:00 PM
Still in a hole, I went to see my pdoc today to see what my lab results are in regard to my Lithium level. They are normal. I told him about my suicidal thoughts and he raised my Lamictal dosage from 100mg daily to 150mg daily. I'm hoping beyond hope that it will work.

My daughter Teresa is five years old. She has been having hallucinations. She is also extremely I took her to the pediatrician who recommended that she be evaluated to see if she has bipolar disorder. Bipolar Disorder??? My child??? How can this be??? I pray that it is something simple and not bipolar disorder.

It's really been great over at the Bipolar Catholic group at Yahoo. We have 62 members as of this writing. At the Catholics with Mood Disorders site at MSN, we have 25 members. I pray that St. Dymphna remains our faithful friend at that the Lord increase these memberships if it is agreeable to Him. Amen.