Author: Lisa Graas
•3/28/2003 12:29:00 AM
St. Gunthramnus was quite a man. Please read about him by clicking here. You will not be disappointed.

Dear St. Gunthramnus, peacemaker and convert, pray for us all during this time of war. Intercede for all of the troops on the battlefield, on both sides, that there will be minimal bloodshed, especially among the innocent. Pray for all of those who have been taken captive, that they may return safely to their loved ones. Intercede for those who will be responsible for the food, water and other aid coming into Iraq, that these may enter into the country as quickly as possible.

O Lord, please hear the prayers of your servant St. Gunthramnus, that by his intercession we may soon know peace around the world, and that the Iraqi people may soon know freedom, health and especially your love.

In Jesus precious name we pray.

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