Author: Lisa Graas
•5/31/2007 01:17:00 PM
Feast of the Visitation of Mary

To view today's readings you may click HERE. Today we are taught about the joy that was felt by Mary because of the coming of the Messiah. Mary speaks of what God has done for her, but she also speaks of what God has done for all of humanity. As she tells us, He shares with us His mercy, His strength, protection and nourishment. Because we know that all goodness comes from God, we know, especially when we read the Magnificat (from today's reading), that all mercy comes from Him. All strength comes from Him. All protection comes from Him. All nourishment comes from Him. So do not fear. All goodness is in His hands and will be poured out to you in whatever form is according to His will for you. Make haste to give Him thanksgiving. Open yourself to Him and He will fill you with His goodness. He has GIVEN this to us through His son, as we learn in the Magnificat and throughout the Scriptures. Don't turn your back on Him. Let Him in. Say "yes" to God as Mary did and help to bring His fullness into the world more completely.
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