Author: Lisa Graas
•7/07/2004 05:08:00 AM
So many of us with mental disorders experience times when we do not know how to pray. Prayer seems impossible. Let these words from St. Teresa of Avila take hold and know that your prayer of silence is pleasing to God.

"... in such spiritual activity as this, the person who does most is he who thinks least and desires to do least: what we have to do is to beg like poor and needy persons coming before a great and rich Emperor and then cast down our eyes in humble expectation. When from the secret signs He gives us we seem to realize that He is hearing us, it is well for us to keep silence, since He has permitted us to be near Him and there will be no harm in our striving not to labour with the understanding... But if we are not quite sure that the King has heard us, or sees us, we must not stay where we are like ninnies, for there still remains a great deal for the soul to do when it has stilled the understanding; if it did nothing more it would experience much greater aridity and the imagination would grow more restless because of the effort caused it by cessation from thought. The Lord wishes us rather to make requests of Him and to remember that we are in His presence, for He knows what is fitting for us. "
(p. 88, Fourth Mansions, Chapter 3, Paragraph 5)

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