Author: Lisa Graas
•1/19/2004 11:37:00 AM
I've met so many people this weekend. One hears voices so loudly that they interfere with her prayers. Another has been unable to find the right medication for herself and so she struggles with bipolar disorder unmedicated. Her insurance won't cover her visits to a psychiatrist, so she can't go to one. Another is just returning to the Church, attending her first Mass since she was a child. There is, and has been, so much darkness in these people's lives, and yet they bring me so much light. I realize how merciful the Lord is when I see people in such dire circumstances who refuse to give up their faith. It would be so easy for them to give up, but this is not an option for them.

I have been there, too. I have been in the darkness, and to some extent I still am. I can't imagine giving up my faith in the Lord. To give up faith is to give up hope, and to give up on love, as well. To give up faith is to give up everything that God is about. Mercy, compassion, etc. Who could give that up? Some do, and it is sad to see it happen. I know a man who has given up, and now he is spiraling downward into an abyss of unhappiness. It is sad to see. Pray for him, and for all like him. There is hope.

Thanks for listening.

Love from Lisa
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