Author: Lisa Graas
•11/29/2003 09:51:00 AM
Okay, I'm going to get in trouble for saying this, but say it I must. Based on the facts that I know about the case, I would say that Lisa Snyder is not guilty.

Lisa Snyder has bipolar disorder. In July 2001, emotionally distraught Lisa Snyder, who was off her medication and had not eaten for some time, entered the office of her former psychiatrist and set two fires. Her former psychiatrist was not in the office at the time, however another physician and his patient were there. Ms. Snyder did not know who was or was not in the office. It is not known what her intentions are. It is not known whether or not she intended to kill anyone. Perhaps her intention was to destroy property. Whatever the case, her intentions are not known. Nonetheless, Ms. Snyder was convicted of attempted murder. She will be serving more than two decades in prison for this act and, as the writer of this story points out, this is longer than many convicted killers are required to serve.

I submit that Lisa Snyder is not guilty by reason of insanity. Bipolar disorder is insanity, especially when one is off his/her medication. If her action was to attempt to commit suicide, she would not have been thrown in jail. She would have been hospitalized. But no, her violent action was different, so she was not hospitalized but convicted of a crime. Which is more violent? To attempt to kill oneself or to attempt to kill others? They are equally so, but if she had attempted to kill herself, there would have been no question about her insanity. Why was she considered sane enough to stand trial for attempted murder? Apparently, her attorney(s) dropped the ball on this BIG TIME.

Thankfully, she has at least one advocate in all of this. Her boyfriend is trying to get the word out about her case so that it may be revisited. He's found at least one reporter to help him in this quest. What she really needs is an attorney who will fight for the truth to be revealed.

Okay, so I've had my say. Thank you for hearing me out.

Love from Lisa
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