Author: Lisa Graas
•10/12/2003 09:56:00 PM
Today I was released from a psychiatric facility in Louisville. I had to spend the night there because I was suicidal. One night in that place seems to have kicked in a refreshing new desire to SURVIVE. What an awful place. Gee, I'm so glad to be home!!!

I realize now that I've taken for granted my ability to walk in and out of my home anytime I please. When you're behind the locked doors of a psychiatric facility, crammed in with several others who are either suicidal or (gulp) homicidal, you begin to realize how wonderful life on the outside world really is. My world no longer seems so overwhelming to me. My world is a world where I can lock my door at night to keep the homicidal maniacs away from me and not one where there may be one sleeping in the next (unlocked) room. My world is a world in which I can enjoy the luxury of shoelaces, razors, and strings in my sweatpants. My car keys are not locked away from me. I can enjoy a caffeinated drink, if I choose!! I don't have to listen to grown-ups telling me how truly awful their lives are and then looking to me, a stranger, for the answers. How sad. I don't have to listen to screaming by someone going through withdrawal in de-tox. I can take my medication just as my doctor prescribed it and not based on the whim of a confused nurse. Wow, it's good to be home.

If you feel suicidal, I strongly recommend that you do as I did. Check yourself into the best psychiatric facility available, and learn how truly wonderful life in the outside world is.

Take care.
Love from Lisa
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