Author: Lisa Graas
•6/04/2003 11:14:00 AM
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I dont' have much of a commentary today as I have to clean my carpet today! I will just note that today's readings show that Christ intended for there to be one Church, not many. Today in America and around the world there are thousands upon thousands of different brands of Christianity. People tend to pick the brand that most suits their own sentiments and persuasions. Paul referred to the preachers of these other religions as "savage wolves". He said that they will not spare the flock. Don't allow yourself to be led away by them.

According to the teaching of the Church, there is hope for the salvation of those in other religions, but no hope for a Catholic who has been led away unless he is invincibly ignorant. This is a truth that often hurts, and yet the truth is never harsh. It only hurts if we pull away from it.

God bless you.

Love from Lisa
who has to go clean her carpet!!
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