Author: Lisa Graas
•5/09/2003 01:58:00 AM
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I truly love today's readings because I had an earth-shattering conversion experience and it was Eucharistic........but I'm not going to talk about that. I'm going to talk about God's powerful presence in our lives and our responsibility to do His will. Our beloved St. Paul was a MURDERER who killed Christians and even loved to do so. But God had another plan for Paul. Yes, this murderous man was chosen to preach the Gospel of Christ crucified, "foolishness to the world". He was to preach that we must eat the Flesh and Blood of Jesus Christ and many more truths of our Faith that many find difficult to accept. This man who was the greatest persecutor of Christ became the most prolific defender of the Faith. Yes, Paul's story is proof of the mighty deeds that God will work in our lives if we let Him. We are called to do different things in the service of the Lord, but our responsibility toward these things in the context of our salvation is no less important than Paul's was. When you are working on fulfilling these things and grow frustrated, remember St. Paul and how far he came in one lifetime. Remember his struggles and his martyrdom. May these things encourage you to forge ahead and do the right thing and not the comfortable thing.

God Bless You.

Love from Lisa
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