Author: Lisa Graas
•4/04/2003 10:14:00 PM
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The time is drawing nigh when Christ will be crucified. In today's
readings, we see the beginning of the end.

In Reading I from the Book of Wisdom, we see a foreshadowing of the
rejection of Christ.

Today's readings are for all of us who feel rejected. We are reminded
that Christ also suffered from rejection. Since His love for each of
us is perfect, how much more did that rejection cause Him to suffer?

In the Psalm we are reminded, "The Lord is close to the
brokenhearted." Know that when you are suffering from rejection, you
are close to God.

In the Gospel, we are reminded that Christ began to suffer even
before He was arrested. People were gossiping against Him, accusing
Him even of blasphemy. Imagine accusing Jesus of blasphemy!

Yes, no matter how much it hurts, know that Christ has felt that pain
for you. He has known the pain of rejection even deeper than you
could possibly know it because of His perfect love for us.

His was a prolonged agony. Notice that He was not arrested right
away. He continued to suffer from rejection "because His hour had not
yet come".

Only God knows the hour of our redemption. In the meantime, He is
close to you.

God bless you.

Love from Lisa
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