Author: Lisa Graas
•4/03/2003 10:02:00 AM
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When I was a kid I always watched The Ten Commandments on Easter with my parents. I remember thinking to myself how BIZARRE it was that the Israelites would even think to fashion for themselves a golden calf after all that God had done for them. It seemed to me that God had such a profound presence in their lives, especially in delivering them from their bondage in Egypt, that it must be the height of stupidity to turn away from Him. Now, as an adult, it is easier for me to see because I do the same thing myself! Knowing and believing the testimony about the Israelites and the golden calf, and knowing and believing in Jesus, I still turn from God.

In Christ, we have been released from bondage, as well. Satan has no more power over us just as Pharaoh had no more power over the Israelites when they were freed. The shackles have been removed from my hands and feet and I can now be led into the promised land. So why should I stick around and continue to listen to Satan? That would be like the Israelites choosing to remain in Egypt to serve Pharaoh after he had freed them!

I would never go out and buy some clay and make for myself a little idol to worship as though the idol is a god, but I do fashion idols for myself whenever I am disobedient. My idols are not made of matter. They are spiritual idols, but just as offensive in the sight of God as the golden calf.

Jesus invites us today to believe in Him. Believe that He has removed the shackles. You are no longer in bondage to Satan unless you choose to be.

God bless you.

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