Author: Lisa Graas
•4/10/2003 10:41:00 AM
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In today's readings, God said to Abraham, "I will render you exceedingly fertile."

WHAT??? EXCEEDINGLY FERTILE?? Yes, you read that right. Fertility is actually a BLESSING, not a curse. This promise of fertility was actually good news to

This blessing upon Abraham has more than one dimension. Despite any cultural norms that might have made this seem to be a blessing, it was much more than that. It was also a call for Abraham to participate with God in His creative capacity and in the realization of divine life which is yet to come in its fullness, and which can only come through Christ.

As Jesus says in today's Gospel reading,
"Abraham your father rejoiced to see my day;
he saw it and was glad."

Please consider this from Evangelium Vitae:

"Man is called to a fullness of life which far exceeds the dimensions of his earthly existence, because it consists in sharing the very life of God. The loftiness of this supernatural vocation reveals the greatness and the inestimable value of human life even in its temporal phase. Life in time, in fact, is the fundamental condition, the initial stage and an integral part of the entire unified process of human existence. It is a process which, unexpectedly and undeservedly, is enlightened by the promise and renewed by the gift of divine life, which will reach its full realization in eternity (cf. 1 Jn 3:1-2)."

What a perversion of the Gospel we have in today's world in the practice of contraception and abortion!! Today, there are a great many who love the world (worldly things) so much that they sacrifice their sons and daughters in order to obtain them............. and consider how that is a perversion of John 3:16.

For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son: that whosoever believeth in him may not perish, but may have life everlasting.

Christ died that we might have LIFE, and mankind continues to throw life away. Life is a BLESSING, not a curse, and our realization of that is a participation in divine life.

God bless you.

Love from Lisa
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