Author: Lisa Graas
•4/05/2003 07:18:00 AM
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I have been thinking a lot about the trusting lamb. Think of an innocent lamb being led to slaughter. It has no idea what is happening. It is clueless -- not harboring the slightest thought that anyone or anything could bring harm to it, and yet it is led to slaughter.

I have heard those who say, "God does not will for us to suffer." It is true that God does not desire our suffering. It was not in the original plan, you see? But look around you and you can see that suffering does exist. It is all around us. What does it mean? Does it have any value, or none?

How do we reconcile the idea of a loving God with the picture of an innocent lamb being led to slaughter? Does God will for that innocent, trusting lamb to die? What of the innocent, trusting children who die each and every day because of abortion? They are lambs, each and every one of them. Does God will that they die? No, but mankind does.

Suffering was not given to us by God. Suffering was given to us by Adam and Eve and Satan. Ponder on that fact for a moment. For thousands of years after the Fall in the Garden of Eden, man knew suffering with no hope of redemption. Thousands of years!! But now, something new happened. God took pity on us. He did not take away our suffering, for if He did that, we would be like Adam and Eve in the Garden and we, like Adam and Eve, would just listen to Satan all over again and do the same thing. So what was God to do? He did something new. He took pity on us by placing value on our sufferings. He humbled Himself to become a man, thereby elevating the dignity of all of us so that our sufferings might have value!!! For thousands of years, suffering had no value. Now, it has value to God. Now, we have hope not of the garden of Eden, but HEAVEN!

In the first reading today, we see what happens when we place our trust in men alone. We are led to slaughter. What happens when we place our trust in God? We are STILL led to slaughter, but He sustains us as we take our refuge in Him spiritually.

I can be led to slaughter kicking and screaming, or as the trusting lamb. That is the choice that I have.

This morning I was listening on the news about Saddam's fighters who are children that have been trained to shoot. One of the "experts" stated that it is not a violation of the Geneva Convention to shoot one of these children if he is an attacker and if it is necessary to defend one's self. What a picture of innocent lambs being led to slaughter! If they perish, who is to blame? Certainly God is not to blame. God will take this, as He does all ugly things, and bring good from it somehow. Let us hope and pray that these lambs are not led to slaughter. Let us pray for them and for their parents and, yes, even for Saddam, that these lambs will not be sent to war. If they are sent, let us not blame God. It is the fault of men that these things happen. All good comes from God. Evil lives in the hearts of men who listen to Satan.

Let us take our refuge in God, even as we are led to slaughter.

God bless you.

Love from Lisa
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