Author: Lisa Graas
•3/30/2003 01:12:00 AM
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Today's readings are VERY fascinating to me, and I think they will be
to you, as well, especially considering the war in Babylonia. Whoa,
you say, "Babylonia?" We are at war with Iraq, right? Well, yes, we
are, but the ancient kingdom of Babylonia stretched from Baghdad to
the Persian Gulf.

There was a time in Babylonia when there were many Jews living
there. Perhaps you have heard mention of "The Babylonian Captivity"
or something along those lines. The Jews were held captive in
Babylonia until Cyrus the Great became ruler in Babylon after what is
believed to be a bloodless takeover.

Cyrus is what we might call a "type" of Christ. He pre-figures
Christ. Read today's first reading (from 2 Chronicles) and you will
see what I mean. Cyrus not only released the captives, but he also
re-built the temple. Interesting, eh?

Go ----->> here to find out more interesting historical stuff about Cyrus.

Now today there are again captives in Babylon. Our fighting troops,
our P.O.W.s, the innocent Iraqi people...etc. Fear not! Read in the
Psalm, the Epistle and the Gospel and know what awaits those of us
who put our trust in the Lord.

God bless you.

Love from Lisa
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